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Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Over 40 SFU faculty members have been elected to the Royal Society of Canada, the country's highest academic accolade.

List of SFU's Royal Society of Canada Fellows

Last name First name Academy Election Year
Adam Heribert II - Social Sciences 2000
Arrott Anthony III - MPS 1983
Barrow Robin I - Humanities 1996
Boland Lawrence II - Social Sciences 2001
Borden John III - LS 1999
Clague John III - EOAS 1998
Crespi Bernard III - LS 2010
Delany Paul I - Humanities 1993
Dill Lawrence III - LS 1997
DiLollo Vincent II - Social Sciences 1997
Djwa Sandra I - Humanities 1994
Dutton Paul I - Humanities 2004
Egan Kieran II - Social Sciences 1993
Fattah Ezzat Abdel II - Sciences sociales 1990
Fauquenoy Marguerite I - Lettres et sciences hu 1992
Gerson Carole I - Humanities 2000
Gomez-Moriana Antonio I - Lettres et sciences hu 1996
Grisé Yolande I - Lettres et sciences hu 1996
Harris Richard II - Social Sciences 1988
Hayden Brian II - Social Sciences 2007
Jaccard Mark II - Social Sciences 2009
Jones Steven III - LS 2011
Kimura Doreen III - LS 1989
Kitchen Martin I - Humanities 1981
Lachlan Alistair III - MPS 1974
Lipsey Richard II - Social Sciences 1980
Little John (Jack) I - Humanities 2003
MacDonald George II - Social Sciences 1999
Mooney Patricia III - MPS 2013
Nelson Erle III - EOAS 2006
Pinto B. Mario III - MPS 2003
Robson Arthur II - Social Sciences 2009
Stewart Mary Lynn I - Humanities 2000
Strate Grant I - Arts / Les arts 2006
Thewalt Michael III - MPS 1995
Tippett Maria I - Humanities 1992
Tung Rosalie II - Social Sciences 1997
Underhill Owen I - Arts 2013
Winston Mark III - LS 2003
Wolfe Saul III - MPS 1983
Wortis Michael III - MPS 1997
Young Robert III - MPS 2005
Zuckermann Martin III - MPS 1993

SFU's Canada Research Chairs

The Canada Research Chairs program is part of a national strategy to attract and retain high-calibre researchers by investing $300 million per year into 2000 research professorships across the country. Based on a calculation of its Tri-Council research funding over the past three years, SFU has been allocated 22 Tier 1 and 25 Tier 2 Canada Research Chairs (CRCs), for a total of 47. The following is a list of SFU's current CRC chair holders.

List of SFU's Canada Research Chairs

Last name First name Chair Title / Discipline Tier Year Appointed CRC Profiles
Bahrami Majid  Alternative Energy Conversion Systems 2 2014 Profile
Branda Neil Materials Science 1 2006 Profile
Brockman Mark Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity 2 2011 Profile
Clague John Natural Hazards Research 1 2003 Profile
Collard Mark Human Evolutionary Studies 2 2007 Profile
Crooks Valorie Health Geographies 2 2014 Profile
Cao Jiguo Data Science 2 2016  
Dulvy Nicholas Marine Biodiversity and Conversion 2 2008 Profile
Feenberg Andrew Philosophy of Technology 1 2003 Profile
Gromala Diane Multidisciplinary and Multimedia Arts 2 2008 Profile
Kaida Angela Global Perspectives on HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health 2 2011 Profile
Kaminska Bozena Wireless Sensor Networks 1 2005 Profile
Kesselman J. Rhys Public Finance  1 2004 Profile
Kohfeld Karen Climate, Resources and Global Change 2 2006 Profile
Lazarova Mila Global Workplace Management 2 2012 Profile
Lee Kelley Global Health Governance 1 2016  
Linington Roger Chemical Biology - High Throughput Screening 2 2016  
Mohar Bojan Graph Theory 1 2005 Profile
Moretti Marlene Youth Clinical Psychological Science 1 2016  
Pei Jian Big Data Science 1 2014 Profile
Robinovitch Stephen Injury Prevention and Mobility Biomechanics 2 2006  
Robson Arthur Economic Theory and Evolution 1 2002 Profile


Cenk Computational Genomics  1 2013 Profile
Scott Jamie Molecular Immunity 1 2004 Profile
Simmons Stephanie Quantum Nanoelectronics 2 2016  
Sinclair Nathalie Tangible Mathematics Learning 2 2011 Profile
Sivak David Nonequilibrium Statistical Biophysics 2    
Tibbits Glen Molecular Cardiac Physiology 1 2003 Profile
Tupper Paul Computational Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations 2 2009 Profile
Vocadlo David Chemical Biology 1 2014 Profile
Waddell Charlotte Children's Health Policy 2 2007 Profile
Zhao Yuezhi Political Economy of Global Communication 1 2004 Profile

SFU's Leadership Research Chairs

The Leading Edge Endowment Fund (LEEF) has established 20 permanent Leadership Research Chairs at public, post-secondary institutions across British Columbia in the areas of medical, social, environmental and technological research. SFU's Leadership Research Chairs are:

  • Ryan D'Arcy, Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation BC Leadership Chair in Multimodal Technology for Healthcare Innovation - view news release
  • Robert McMahon, BC Leadership Chair in Proactive Approaches to Reducing Risk for Violence Among Children and Youth - view news release

  • John Reynolds, Tom Buell BC Leadership Chair in Salmon Conservation and Management - view news release

  • Urs Ribary, BC Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience in Childhood Health and Development - view LEEF update

  • Robert Young, Merck Frosst-BC Leadership Chair in Pharmaceutical Genomics, Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery - view LEEF update

Other Endowed Chairs & Professorships

Last name First name Title
Akins Kathleen Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Philosophy
Allen Douglas
Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Economics
Gail Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Criminology
Balka Ellen University Professor, Communication
Checkel Jeffrey Simons Chair in International Law and Human Security
Clague John Shrum Chair in Science
Cory Jenny Thelma Finlayson Endowed Chair in Biological Control
Côte Isabelle University Professor, Biological Sciences
Crespi Bernard University Professor, Biological Sciences
Dutton Paul Jack & Nancy Farley Professorship in History
Egri Carolyn William J.A. Rowe EMBA Alumni Professor.
Fischer Benedikt University Professor, Health Sciences
Gerolymatos Andre Hellenic Canadian Congress of B.C. Chair of Hellenic Studies
Gerson Carole University Professor, English
Golnaraghi Farid Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Engineering Science
Goldsmith Charles Maureen and Milan Ilich/Merck Chair in Statistics for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
Gries Gerhard NSERC Industrial Chair in Insect Communication Ecology
Hogg Robert University Professor, Health Sciences
Howlett Michael Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Political Science
Jaccard Mark University Professor, Resource & Environmental Management
Jedwab Jonathan University Professor, Mathematics
Lawrence Tom W.J. VanDusen Professor of Management, Beedie School of Business
Lear Scott Pfizer/Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research
Little Jack University Professor, History
Martin Jack Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Psychology
Mistleberger Ralph University Professor, Psychology
Moore Jonathan Liber Ero Chair in Coastal Studies
Moustafa Tamir Jarislowsky Chair in Religion and Cultural Change
Nosyk Bohdan St. Paul's Hospital CANFAR Chair in HIV/AIDS Research
Parameswaran Ash JL Wighton Professorship in Engineering
Pitt Leyland Dennis F. Culver EMBA Alumni Professorship
Punja Zamir Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Biological Sciences
Reich Blaize RBC Professor of Technology and Innovation, Beedie School of Business
Ruben Peter Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Kinesiology
Shapiro Daniel Lohn Foundation Professor, Beedie School of Business
Stead Doug Forest Renewal British Columbia (FNBC) Chair in Resource Geoscience and Geotechnics
Stebner Eleanor JS Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities
Thewalt Mike Burnaby Mountain Endowed Professor, Physics
Tung Rosallie Ming and Stella Wong Professor of International Business, Beedie School of Business
Vaughan Rodney Sierra Wireless Professorship in Mobile Communication
Vining Aidan CNABS Professor of Business and Government Relations, Beedie School of Business
Wexler Mark University Professor, Business
Williams Tony University Professor, Biological Sciences
Woodbury Robert University Professor, Interactive Arts & Technology
Zazkis Rina University Professor, Education
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