Travel to Vancouver

Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport is well-served by a variety of airlines that provide multiple flights to Vancouver from major cities around the world; many of these flights are direct. However, since Vancouver is one of the top tourist destinations in North America, we recommend that you book your flight as early as possible.

Travel by car or bus

Many visitors, especially from the United States, find it less expensive to fly to Seattle or Bellingham, Washington, and take a bus or rent a car and drive into Canada. One word of warning: gasoline in Canada is nearly twice the amount that it is in the United States.

For information about bus service from the Seattle and Bellingham airports to Vancouver, visit

Travel from the airport to the conference venue

Taxis from the airport to the conference hotel cost approximately C$35. The ride takes about 30 minutes, depending on the time of day.

The SkyTrain’s Canada Line is an alternative. You may take a luggage cart directly from the airport’s baggage claim to the SkyTrain platform. Take the train to the last stop, Waterfront Station. Exit on Cordova Street and walk four blocks to a bus stop. Bus #5 will take you to the Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites.

Look at a Google map and directions to the Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites from Waterfront Station.


Amtrak runs train service from Oregon and Washington to Vancouver. Travel time from Eugene is approximately 13 hours, Portland is eight, and Seattle slightly less than four. Visit Amtrak’s website for more information. Please be aware that there is a Vancouver, Washington, on the train schedule. This is NOT Vancouver, BC.


There is no direct ferry service from Seattle to Vancouver. If you wish to travel via ferry, you will need to take a ferry first from Seattle to Victoria, the provincial capital on Vancouver Island, and from Victoria to Vancouver.

Information about ferry service from Seattle to Victoria is available through Clipper Vacations.

Information about ferry service from Victoria to Vancouver is available through BC Ferries.

Tourism destinations in Vancouver

Vancouver is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.  Several websites provide information on things to do, places to visit, and activities.  The links that follow provide an indication of the vibrancy of the area.