Human Rights Theories 

This class is taught in 05-2 by Andrew Heard

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POL - 417 Web Resources

Internet Resources for Human Rights Issues 

The SFU Library provides many ways support your to research 


International Human Rights Agencies

The UNHCHR also provides a useful Human Rights Treaty Bodies Database, which offers information on a range of international bodies that monitor human rights treaties. 

International Human Rights Treaties & Declarations

United Nations - see the complete list or connect to the following examples: 

European Union

Organization of American States


Organization of African Unity


International Judicial Bodies


Other Human Rights Resource Sites

Specific Topics and Documents
General Internet Resources for Issues Dealt with in POL-417:

The ITP Nelson PoliSci.Nelson.Com Political Science resource site has the following pages dedicated to material related to the course work in this class:

General Search Sites For Internet Material:

Yahoo! is the most popular search engine, and provides an enormous index to browse for sites as well. 

Ask Jeeves - is the most innovative search site, where you can search by asking plain language questions. 

Go Network Express - excellent free software you install on your computer to conduct Internet search through multiple search engines at the same time. 

FedWorld Information Network - Search for US Government web sites 

 Government of Canada Sites  - Search for Canadian Government documents 

MetaCrawler - allows you to search through several search engines at the same time 

United Nations Documentation Research Guide

United Nations Web Search - for finding material on the UN Internet sites 

General Search Sites For Books, Journals, Newspapers:


Select Databases Available through the SFU Library (Full list):

ForCanadian and international media sites, connect to:
Politics in the News