Echoo Lab Pitch Videos


Echoo Lab

Animated Pitch Videos


My goal was to create two pitch videos about Echoo Lab's objective and what their product offers their users.


Program(s) Used:

after effects logo

Adobe After Effects

For each video, I sat down with the CEO of Echoo Lab and listened to his vision for what the overall message of the video would communicate. As we would talk and discuss I would write down everything in a rough format to get all of the main points and flow of the videos.

Once I finished writing everything down I started to go over my notes and plan out how the videos would play out. As the main software for the company was still in development, I could not go into specifics for certain information provided in the videos. Therefore, I needed to keep it relatively vague but still explain what Echoo Lab could offer their future users.

The main things I kept in mind while creating the videos were:

  • Grabbing the viewers attention
  • Showing users how the software would benefit them
  • Empathize with problems and offer practical solutions

In order to be able to create these videos in a relatively short time frame, I needed to utilize pre-built assets to create fluid and attractive motion graphics so I did not have to make them from scratch. The company purchased the license and I went over all of the assets in the package and planned out which ones to use for the videos. During the discussions I would already have some ideas for how some scenes would be designed and animated based on the assets I had, so I started placing them down and edited the videos from there.


Complex frames

One of the biggest challenges with this project was having to constrain some of the ideas I had for certain sections of the videos. One idea I had in terms of using animated environments among other assets, would have been too complex to complete in the time frame I had for the projects. Due to this, I needed to scale down some of my ideas to get the general message across and not sink too many hours into a few seconds of video length.

Audio syncing

Another issue I had was that I did not know how long each video was going to be once all the content got placed and edited. Due to this, I could not sync up the animations to the music as well as I would have liked. I used publicly available music for each pitch video and needed to edit the length of time by extending the music by adding in a few loops throughout the songs in a way that viewers would not notice. This way I was able to end the music near the end of the video without needing to loop the song again for only a few more seconds before fading out.

Learning and Insights

This experience gave me a lot more exposure and insights to creating pitch videos for existing products. It also allowed me to gain experience with using animation templates for this purpose. Had I had more time for each video I would have been able to plan out some of the sections for a better flow. Doing these projects definitely gave me more appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make a motion graphics video that's only a few minutes long!