Logo Ideation & Design


The goal for this project was to come up with a design for a logo which would reflect the nature of the Calgary research company.


Program(s) Used:

photoshop logo

Adobe Photoshop

The first step was ideating designs for the logo that would communicate the idea of neurology and science. The client was very interested in having brains and magnifying glasses integrated in the design.

The first couple of logos were fairly plain and not entirely reflective of the company (Fig 1. Top row). At first I didn't have the brain show outside the magnifying glass (Fig 1. Top right) because I felt it would be easy to see it was a close-up of a brain. However, after looking at it I felt that the brain was definitely a central part of the logo as a whole and made sure it was more prominent and visible in the logo designs (Fig 1. Bottom row). The grey text in the magnifying glass was meant to be a reflection of the words being embedded in the brain but was too hard to see so I changed the text color to the blue to better stand out (Fig 3).

Image showing four iterations of logo
Figure 1. Logo refinement process

Before being satisfied with the final two logos to send off to the client to see if they were happy with them, I first check to see if the logos would look good in greyscale. In the end, the client wanted one logo but was happy and used both logos since they were fairly similar in design.

Figure 2. One of the final designs that was used for the company's website
Figure 3. This final design was used for the company's Twitter account


Design complexity

The biggest challenge was to make a logo that would emulate the idea of the research branch, but also not be overly complex in the design. At first, I tackled the problem by trying to make it much too simple, which was not eye-catching at all. It took a few ideations before I created two different logos that were both similar to each other but still had their own unique look.

Learning and Insights

I learned a fair amount about how to work with a client. When I would think the logo design was good, they asked for more and it pushed me to create something better than I originally had in mind. In the end this project was all about making the client happy with the final design and keeping an open mind to what would be best for the logo.