Phylogenetic resources

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Sequence Editors

Data analysis (preliminary suggestions).
SeqApp- DNA alignment, BLAST searches and more.

See Rod Page's overview of sequence editors especially his SeAl.

For Windows, try GeneDoc.

Help with phylogenetic analysis (PHYLIP and PAUP)

Phylogenetic analysis using parsimony, distance (neighbor-joining), maximum likelihood, and bootstrapping.

Starting PHYLIP (formatting).
PHYLIP, General Suggestions- running programs, etc.

PAUP file- from SeqApp.
Example Nexus / PAUP file with comments and options.
Advanced Nexus/PAUP file for PAUP* (PAUP4, PAUPstar).
Official PAUP homepage:

Hennig86 help.

Information Sources

Check these sites for:
Entrez, Medline biological literature database and DNA sequences
Doing Alignments of molecular data and improved BLAST searchs
IUBIO archive (Indiana)
Taxonomy, Systematics and phylogenetic software (Glasgow)
Generally useful Biology Page.
Biology Directory.
Statistics (SFU)

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