Dean Mellow

Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics

Simon Fraser University

Affiliated Faculty Member, First Nations Studies



LING 220 Introduction to Linguistics

   B.A. in Linguistics, University of Calgary
LING 301W Linguistic Argumentation

   M.A. in Linguistics, McGill University

LING 323 Morphology

   Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction/Language Education, 

LING 350 First Language Acquisition

      University of British Columbia

LING 360 Linguistics and Language Teaching


LING 362 English as a Second Language: Theory

Research Interests

LING 480 Second Language Acquisition: Syntax

Emergentism and SLAFirst Nations Languages, HPSG and Acquisition

LING 810 First Language Acquisition  (Graduate)

LING 811 Second Language Acquisition: Syntax (Graduate)

Administration and Curriculum Leadership

FNST 442 Directed Readings in First Nations Studies

Links:  Applied Linguistics      Aboriginal Languages

Contact: 778-782-6678; dmellow at sfu dot ca SFU:   Library  Webmail  CV  GoSFU