Research positions now available!

We are currently recruiting post-doctoral fellows and graduate students on both Ph.D. and M.A.Sc. levels, as well as undergraduate research assistants, for the following research areas:

1. Fuel cell durability analysis

2. Computational modeling of polymer electrolyte fuel cells

3. Microfluidic Flow Battery Development

4. Hydrogen Storage Development

Detailed job postings below:

PhD Position #1

Post-Doctoral Position #1

Why FCReL?

Joining our team at SFU is a great way to get exposed to exciting research in a high-tech environment with state-of-the-art research facilities. As a bonus, you will become an expert in clean energy technology with strong ties to the industry and tremendous future opportunities in Canada and around the world.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply via email with cover letter and CV enclosed. For admission requirements into the SFU graduate program and information about the application procedure, please check the Graduate Studies website. Although research assistantship funding is available through our research grants, prospective students are advised to seek external opportunities for personal funding at an early stage. Canadian students may be eligible for NSERC CGS/IPS/PGS scholarships. Please note that most NSERC application deadlines are in the fall, one year in advance (you may contact me for assistance with the application). Entrance scholarships and graduate fellowships are available from SFU, and NSERC holders may be considered for top-up funding. Additional funding can also be provided via teaching assistantships. Prospective undergraduate research assistants/co-op students are advised to contact me in advance, and apply for an NSERC USRA award.

Moving to BC?

Congratulations, you have chosen a province with a great lifestyle. The Metro Vancouver area combines the Canadian way of life with a mild climate, excellent outdoor opportunities, and all the advantages associated with a big multicultural city: a vibrant urban scene, cultural events, theatres, an international airport and good communications. For collaborative research purposes and future work opportunities, the nearby access to a variety of high-technology industry and leading research institutes is also a huge advantage.

Our lab is located at the SFU Surrey campus, in the center of the rapidly growing downtown Surrey area. Surrey is one of the main cities within the Metro Vancouver area and the campus is only a 30min drive from downtown Vancouver. Surrey has plenty of inexpensive accommodation options in the vicinity of the campus that are ideal for students and much more affordable than other parts of Metro Vancouver. For those living outside of Surrey, the Skytrain station just outside the main campus building provides convenient access to the surrounding cities.

The spectacular West Coast of BC has the mildest climate in Canada. Although the winter months experience a lot of rain (and snow in the mountains!), the summer is predominantly sunny, dry and pleasantly warm. With both ocean beaches and mountains at your doorstep, the outdoor opportunities of the area are plentiful. Unlike other parts of Canada, the lawns are always green and various recreational activities can be enjoyed year round. Besides the famous Vancouver Canucks hockey team, Vancouver has a leading CFL team (BC Lions) and a successful soccer team playing in the North American MLS (Vancouver Whitecaps).