FPA 386
f i l m _ m u s i c
outline page
  Cinema has never been silent. From the Lumière family’s first public screening at the Grand Café in Paris on Dec. 28, 1885 to the present, "moving pictures" have used music scores to influence and shape the viewer’s experience. Due to the predominance of the visual mode in Western culture such manipulation is rarely noticed by the spectator and thus film music is often experienced but not heard.

This course intends to address this cultural bias by focusing upon the soundtrack and the music score. We will survey the history of sound in cinema, examine various film genres, time periods, and styles, analyze specific films, and study a few selected composers and directors. We will also widen our definition of film music to include other media in order to gauge the impact that music has in our lives.

The course will consist of 13 lecture presentations illustrated with audio and video clips.
Lecture notes will be posted on the web when possible.
Students will be required to view videos to complete the course. Videos (DVDs) may be borrowed from the SFU library, the Vancouver Public Library and UBC. A few video rental stores remain: For example Black Dog on Cambie and Commercial Drive and Limelight on Alma
All assignments are required by the last lecture, April 10th. It will be the student's responsibility after that date to deliver their assignment(s) to the instructor's mail box in the Goldcorp Building on the SFU Vancouver campus or via email. There will be a penalty for all late assignments.