Transpacific Stories

Episode 12: Carman Fung

A Special Pride Month Episode: An Intergenerational Conversation on Queer Asia

Carman Fung
Lecturer, Department of Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Simon Fraser University


Episode 11: Nguyen Tan Hoang

“One is never too old to learn … and expand one’s practices beyond what we conventionally get rewarded for.”

Nguyễn Tân Hoàng
Associate Professor of Literature & Cultural Studies
University of California, San Diego


Episode 10: Guldana Salimjan

“I have a strong sense of belonging as Kazakh …”

Guldana Salimjan
Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Program in China Studies Early Career Fellow
Simon Fraser University


Episode 9: Fran Martin

“I feel like I have spent my whole life in a Chinese-language classroom …”

Fran Martin
Associate Professor & Reader, School of Culture & Communication
University of Melbourne


Episode 8: Chow Yiu Fai

"“I bought a ticket and left with only one suitcase …”

Chow Yiu Fai
Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing
Hong Kong Baptist University


Episode 7: Gaik Cheng Khoo

“I want to be able to change things and maybe this little vote can do something …”

Guest: Gaik Cheng Khoo
Associate Professor of Film & Television
University of Nottingham Malaysia

Co-host: Audrey Yue


Episode 6: Guy Beauregard

“There’s another Winnipeg that I try to carry with me … as I have gone forward to different places.”

Guest: Guy Beauregard
Professor, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
National Taiwan University

Co-host: Christine Kim


Episode 5: Robert Diaz

“Home is like a texture… it’s like a touch.”

Guest: Robert Diaz
Associate Professor, Women & Gender Studies Institute
University of Toronto


Episode 4: Tan Jia

“I grew up in a post-socialist, post-Cold War world and the past is always in the present.”

Guest: Tan Jia
Assistant Professor in Cultural Studies
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Episode 3: Jane Park

“I’m living within translation.”

Guest: Jane Park
Senior Lecturer in Gender & Cultural Studies
University of Sydney


Episode 2: Audrey Yue

“I am what they call a true postcolonial child.”

Guest: Audrey Yue
Professor of Communications and New Media
National University of Singapore


Episode 1: John Nguyet Erni

“I was literally a product of the Vietnam War.”

Guest: John Nguyet Erni
Chair Professor in Humanities
Hong Kong Baptist University