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Welcome to my home page!

My name is Joanna Woo and I'm an astrophysicist at the Department of Physics at Simon Fraser University. For more information about my background, click here. Vancouver Island
Top: An RGB image of a galaxy in the MUESLI project highlighting the giant outflows of gas from the centre. Bottom: An animated gif of the same galaxy that scrolls through images of the galaxy at the indicated wavelengths. Different parts of the outflows are visible in the different frames because they are flowing at different velocities. Read more about this here.
Galaxies are vast collections of billions of stars. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is one of probably about a trillion galaxies in the observable universe. My field of research is galaxy evolution. I ask questions about the formation, growth and death of galaxies, and attempt to answer them using a variety of tools such as the nifty MUSE instrument at the European Southern Observatory. For more information about my research, click here.