Canadian Children's Literature

From the beginning to 2000

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I love children's literature. I love Canadian literature. I also love lists. I love reading lists; I love making lists; I love building hierarchies of lists. Websites are a beautiful way of embedding one list within another, so when the topic is Canadian children's literature, I am in heaven. So I thought I would share my joy with the greater world (that's you).

The fundamental intent of this website is to build a list of Canadian children's literature up to the year 2000. (I needed to cut it off somewhere.) I am attempting to be comprehensive, so if you know of titles I have not included, please leave a comment to let me know. That being said, please forgive the dearth of information: I have only just begun.


This page describes the project, including editorial decisions we have made and how we have chosen to classify the texts included.


This page includes a list of titles of first editions of Canadian children's books.


This page includes a list of Canadian authors of children's literature by last name.

By Date

This page includes links to lists of Canadian children's literature titles according to the decade of first publication.


These two pages include reviews I have written. The first page includes reviews of books published before 2000, alphabetized by author. The second page includes reviews of books published after 2000.

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