Richard Lockhart

My Photo Professor and Chair
Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5A 1S6

E-mail: lockhart at sfu dot ca
Sentenced to Chair: 1 May 2008 to 31 August 2014
Phone: (778) 782-3264
FAX: (778) 782-4368
Office: TLX 10549
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Basically, I am not interested in research. I am interested in understanding, which is different: David Blackwell

Wittgenstein on our mission

Personal Philosophy

Chair's thought with apologies to George Box:
All budgets are wrong. Are any budgets useful?

"To the Members of the University Community: In order to restore what Milton called the ruin of our grand parents, I wish to announce that henceforth, as a matter of University policy, evil is abolished and paradise is restored. I trust all of us will do whatever possible to achieve this policy objective.": Bart Giamatti, President of Yale, 1978.

"Every statistician on this planet would answer the question the same way."
Munir Sheik, testifying before the House of Commons Industry Committee, 27 July 2010.

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Statistical Theory I
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