STAT 410 96-2 Assignment 3

Choose a Simple random sample of size 36 from the Stat Village population of households. Get estimates and standard errors for the following parameters:
  1. Total Government Transfer Payments to households in this population.
  2. Average Employment Income of Employed persons in these households.
  3. Percentage of dwellings which are owner-occupied.
  4. Difference between mean household income of owner occupied houses and mean household income of other houses.
In order to do this assignment you will have to select a SRS using Minitab or a random number generator or random number tables (tell me how you did it), use netscape to click on the sampled units on the clickable map of the village, save the resulting data in a file, and get appropriate means and SDs using either Minitab or SAS. The rest of the analysis would be done with any computing package or calculator you like. If you use SAS you can read the file with the data in it using SAS code which is available through the web from the Stat Village page. The link SAS shows how to use proc means, proc sort to get means and standard deviations for subpopulations.

An example data set as returned by netscape. Use this data set if you can't get NETSCAPE to show you the whole statvillage page.

The sasdata step returned.

DUE: Friday, 31 May