Statistical Analysis of Sample Surveys

New Room AQ5006, Tutorials in 5020

Instructor: Richard A. Lockhart
Office: TLX 10546
Phone: 291-3264
Messages: 291-3331

Computing requirements: You will be expected to do data analysis in Minitab, SAS or Splus, and to collect any handouts and assignments over the network using the web. THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR STATISTICIANS WHO CAN'T DO THE COMPUTING.

Grading: Assignments 15%, 2 Midterms worth 20% each and Final 45%. If you get a better mark on the final than your average on the midterms I will replace the midterms with the final. If you miss a midterm I will use the final in its place; there will be no make-up midterms.

Privacy Policy: The Math and Stat department has a policy on privacy under which students who desire so may have their homework returned in some private way; if you are such a student you should speak to me immediately.

Assignments: You may miss two with no penalty. I will be looking for well written explanations in answers since no one is interested in unexplained calculations in the real world.

Course Schedule: 96-2

Stat Village A computer simulation of sampling developed by Carl Schwarz.

Office Hours: MWF at 1:30 or T at 11:30

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