STAT 410 96-2 Tentative Course Schedule

Date Subject Text
May 6 Introduction: US presidential polls
Quebec Referendum Polls
May 7 No Tutorial none
May 8 US Energy data 1.7-9
May 10 Simple Random Sampling2.1-5
May 13Estimation, Standard Errors
Simple Random Sampling
May 14In MCF for computing intro
May 15Simple Random Sampling:
Mean and Standard Error of sample mean
May 17Simple Random Sampling
Confidence Intervals, Ratio Estimates
Assignment 1 Due
May 20 No Class: Victoria Day
May 21Tutorial
May 22Ratio Estimation2.11
May 24Ratio estimation
Assignment 2 Due
May 27 Inference for subpopulation means and totals 2.12, 2.13
May 28Lecture not tutorial:
Superpopulation models,
hypothesis tests for equality of two means,
Chapter 2 summary
All of ch 2
May 29 Tutorial: Total foul up in MCF ?
May 31 Proportions and Percentages Assignment 3 Due 3.1-9
June 3 Guest lecture by Gary Parker
Contingency Tables
3.11; look at Devore, too
June 4No tutorial: I am out of town
June 5Guest Lecture by Gary Parker:
More Contingency tables
3.11; look at Devore, too
June 7 Percentages and Proportions 3.10, 3.12
June 10Midterm I: Open book
Covers SRS, ratio estimates, subpopulation estimates
Ch 1, 2, 3.1-9
June 11Tutorial
June 12Percentages and Proportions 3.8,9,10,12
June 14 Sample Size Calculations
Assignment 4 Due
Chapter 4
June 17 Sample Size Calculations Chapter 4
June 18Tutorial
June 19 Sample Size Calculations Chapter 4
June 21 Stratified Sampling
Assignment 5 Due
Ch 5
June 24 Stratified Sampling Ch 5
June 25Tutorial
June 26 Stratified Sampling Ch 5A
June 28 Ratio Estimation
Assignment 6 Due
Chapter 6
July 1 No Class: Canada Day
July 2Tutorial
July 3 Ratio EstimationChapter 6
July 5 Ratio EstimationChapter 6
July 8Regression Estimation Chapter 7
July 9Tutorial
July 10Regression Estimation Chapter 7
July 12Systematic Sampling Chapter 8
July 15Midterm 2 Open Book
July 16Tutorial
July 17Systematic Sampling Chapter 8
July 19 Single stage cluster samplingChapter 9
July 22 Single stage cluster samplingChapter 9
July 23Tutorial
July 24 Multi stage cluster samplingChapter 10
July 26 Multi stage cluster samplingChapter 11
July 29Sources of Error in SurveysChapter 13
July 30Tutorial
July 31Sources of Error in SurveysChapter 13
Aug 2Review
Aug 12 Final ExamOpen Book