Lyn Bartram

Associate Professor

Chair, Graduate Program





14-745 or SUR 3760 (HVI Lab)



 13450  102 Ave.



 Simon Fraser University Surrey


lyn at sfu dot ca

  Surrey , BC  

For all graduate inquiries

siatgc at sfu dot ca

Canada,  V3T 5X3






Research Areas

  • information systems for sustainable living
  • interaction design for energy efficiency in the built environment
  • affective visualization
  • motion and visualization

Research Lab/Projects

More detailed information can be found at the listed websites.


A list of selected publications and projects can be found here.


Current Students

  • Matt Lockyer, PhD
  • Dinara Moura, PhD
  • Maryam Kashani (with Rob Woodbury), PhD
  • Abhishek Patra, MSc
  • Luciano dos Reis Frizzera, PhD
  • Karine Kozlova, (with Rob Woodbury), PhD
  • Dandan Huang (with Melanie Tory, UVic)


  • Drew Paulin, MSc
  • Miao Yao, MSc
  • CongCong Jiang, MSc
  • Johnny Rodgers, MSc
  • Chao Feng, MSc
  • Billy Cheung, MSc
  • Stephen Makonin, PhD
  • David Milam, PhD
  • Diego Maranan, MA
  • Evan Dickinson, MA



  • IAT 351, Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
  • IAT 355, Introduction to Visual Analytics
  • IAT 432, Design Evaluation
  • IAT 201, Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
  • IAT 814, Knowledge Visualization and Communication