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Resource Description

These three-five minute physical activity ideas can be incorporated into any classroom during any point of class, they are all 5 minutes or less. The ideas is to have the students complete the activity during class time to help boost their learning abilities as mentioned in the About section. This resource is not to interfere with the current curriculum for Physical Health Education, as the PHE class is important and covers more than just physical activity, this is rather a supplementary part that can be adopted in every classroom. Teachers can just open the list and skim through the list of activities and choose one that is appropriate to the class.

All students need regular physical activity! It is particularly important for students with special needs to be included in activities that improve physical fitness. Variations and modifications of movements and activities should be offered to students to create a learning environment that is welcoming and respecting of all abilities.



Chair Aerobics:

Have students pull their chairs out from their desk. They should sit up straight, keeping their ankles together to do leg lifts by extending their legs to a 180 degree angle for 10 repetitions. Then have students stand behind the chair and while holding the back for balance, extend their right leg out to the side to a 45 degree angle for 10 repetitions. Then repeat with the left leg.


No Stress Walk:

Make it a classroom tradition to have a 5 minute walking break before class to help everyone unwind and relax, especially on test days!


Cross Crawls:

Stand up, bring your knee up and touching one hand to the opposite knee; then switch.


Mirror Drill:

Partners face one another. Hold palms up in front of chest, facing partner. The leader will move one hand at a time and the follower will mirror the movement. Switch hands every 1 minute.


Chair Squats:

Stand tall with chair behind you, with arms straight in front slowly start to sit down then just before touching the chair, slowly starts standing up again.


Butterfly Breath:

Stand tall, feet hip width apart and arms lifted out to the sides. Exhaling, lift right knee and touch it with left elbow. Inhaling, return to start position and then repeat switching sides


Jamin' time:

Have students do the following series for around 1 minute then gradually increase pace; reach the sky, touch toes, arm circles and nick circles.

Air Jump Rope:

Students jump an imaginary jump rope. They may jump any speed, forwards or backwards, any style (one foot, crisscross, etc.)


Air Writing:

Students are asked to draw specific letters in the air with different body parts. Teacher can name a letter or show a picture of a letter or an object that starts with that letter. Students are asked to draw that letter with their arm, one finger, head, foot, knee, elbow or even their belly.


Exploring space:

Students will move throughout the room without touching anyone or anything unless asked. The teacher will continuously ask students to move to different places in the room. Teachers can add more challenges appropriate to their room.


The Wave Maker:
Students will attempt to create a wave by raising and lowering their arms in sequential order, start in lines of 6-10.