Systems with glassy and slow dynamics

with Claudio Chamon (BU), Leticia Cugliandolo (Ecole Normale Superieure), and Horacio Castillo (Ohio University)

In spin glasses, the interplay of disorder and frustrated exchange interactions between spins leads to exceptionally slow spin relaxation and intrinsically non-equilibrium (aging) dynamics. We have introduced a new approach to understanding the aging dynamics of short-range spin glass models. This is based on our observation that the aging dynamics of such models have a symmetry under time reparametrizations, and has led us to identify the soft modes in the system as spatially varying time reparametrizations. This can be understood more simply in an analogy with rotation invariance in a ferromagnet. Starting from this invariance leads to a number of predictions that are in good agreement with numerical simulations. These results for spin glasses may prove useful in understanding dynamic heterogeneities in other glassy systems.

Spatially heterogeneous correlations in a simulation of a spin glass

A recent talk on aging in spin glasses.

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Simple models of glassy systems

with Matthew Downton (SFU)

Kinetically constrained spin models are known to exhibit dynamical behavior mimicking that of glass forming systems. They are often understood as coarse-grained models of glass formers, in terms of some "mobility" field. The identity of this "mobility" field has remained elusive due to the lack of coarse-graining procedures to obtain these models from a more microscopic point of view. We exhibit a scheme to map the dynamics of a two-dimensional soft disc glass former onto a kinetically constrained spin model, providing an attempt at bridging these two approaches.

"Connecting microscopic simulations with kinetically constrained models of glasses",
M. T. Downton and M. P. Kennett,
Phys. Rev. E 76, 031502 (2007). arXiv:0704.1497.

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