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Welcome to the Extreme Photonics Lab!
Light is amongst the most precise tools available to science, technology, and medicine. Coherent control or quantum control is a concept in which laser light is used to manipulate attributes of electrons that typically have their theoretical roots in quantum mechanics. Recording, in real-time, the quantum mechanical interaction of electrons with the periodic potential spanning solids as they are steered by light fields requires the toolbox of attosecond metrology, but provides unmatched physical insight into the basic processes that govern quantum electronic devices. By merging aspects of attosecond optoelectronics, structured light, field-resolved metrological tools, and 2D materials, we aim to control and measure quantum electronic phenomena in the time-domain with unprecedented precision. The resulting physical insight will be harnessed for the development of petahertz-bandwidth quantum electronic devices and nanophotonic sensors.
Enjoy your visit,
Shawn Sederberg