Our research activities strongly benefit from students and researchers with diverse personal and academic backgrounds. Whether you call yourself an engineer, physicist, or chemist, we can find a stimulating project for you to work on. If you have a deep-rooted interest in learning more about lasers and how they are useful for science and technology, and you are motivated to address challenging research questions using highly innovative approaches, we invite you to view the opportunities below.

Open positions

Ongoing call for Masters and PhD students

We always welcome inquiries from excellent students who are eligible to apply for scholarships that fund part or all of their salary. Below are several examples of scholarships to consider:

Ongoing call for Postdoctoral researchers

Interested candidates will need to apply for a fellowship through a Canadian or international funding agency. Please be sure to contact Prof. Sederberg well in advance of the deadline for any fellowship application so that we can discuss the potential research direction. When doing so, please also attach a one-page letter of motivation, a full CV, transcripts, and the contact information for 3 references. Below are several examples of fellowships to consider:

Undergraduate students

No prior experience necessary, only curiosity. Coursework on electromagnetism (ENSC 316) and lasers (ENSC 470) would be helpful, however. Below are several ways that you can get involved in research as an undergraduate student:

  • Join our group as an Undergraduate Student Research Assistant
  • Complete research towards your undergraduate thesis on a project in our lab
  • Complete a capstone design project that complements our group's activities
  • Come for a lab tour. Stay for a while to see what we work on!