current students:

Reem Bolis, masters student

Kevin Mitchell, doctoral student
Discrete Spectrum of the Rotating Shallow Water Eigenproblem (poster)

thesis work:

A CLAWPACK Implementation for a Model of 2-Class Traffic Flow,
Reanne Bowlby, 2012
ICIAM 2011 (poster)
(thesis link, professional link)

Unravelling the Resonant Instabilities of a Stratified Gravity Wave,
Yuanxun (Bill) Bao, 2012
ICIAM/Waves 2011 (poster)
(thesis link, professional link)

Rotating Shallow Water and Potential Vorticity Dynamics on the Sphere,
Andrea Blazenko, 2009
(thesis link, professional link)

Rotating shallow water - beyond the textbook,
Alana McKenzie, 2007
(thesis link)

Stability of steady, stratified flow over two-dimensional topography,
David Alexander, 2004
(thesis link, professional link)

Generation of atmospheric vortices through small-scale forcing,
Roy P. Wilds (undergrad thesis), 2003
(undergrad research, professional link)

Free-surface quasigeostrophy : bridging the gap between surface quasigeostrophy and the shallow-water equations,
Ross Tulloch, 2003
(thesis link, professional link)