Macaulay2 Packages


I am a coauthor of the package ToricVectorBundles, which can be used for cohomology calculations of equivariant line and vector bundles on toric varieties. It is distributed with the current version of Macaulay2.


I am the author of the package VersalDeformations, which calculates versal deformations of isolated singularities, as well as local Hilbert schemes. It is distributed with the current version of Macaulay2.

Older Code

I am also the author of two Macaulay2 packages which I no longer maintain:

There is no documentation, but the code includes helpful comments and I have also made an examples file.

The package toriccodes.m2 depends on agcodes.m2 as well as the package ConvexPolyhedron.m2 by Rene Birkner. The latter can be downloaded from his website. Alternatively, all three packages and the example file can be downloaded together in a ZIP file. Note that the package ConvexPolyhedron.m2 has now been superceded by Polyhedra.m2. However, at the momement toriccodes.m2 still requires the former.