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Upcoming CIHR Funding Opportunities and Deadlines

The purpose of this email is to disseminate information pertaining to CIHR's upcoming deadlines. 
For SFU's internal process please note that we require a fully signed SFU signature sheet and if applicable a grant eligibility form (for adjunct status faculty). See link for ORS forms http://www.sfu.ca/ors/forms.html 
Note: Some of these grants are submitted by the applicant (you) and some are submitted by the ORS designate (Ash Lalani). If you have any questions regarding submissions, application process, internal documents required or eligibility, please contact Ash Lalani at ashlalani@sfu.ca ASAP.
This information can also be found on our website here: http://www.sfu.ca/ors/fundingopportunities/fundingopportunities0/cihr-funding-alers.html

Team grant: Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance
The primary aim of the JPIAMR is to combine the resources, infrastructures, and research strengths of multiple countries in order to address transmission of antibiotic resistance following a ‘One Health Approach’.
    - ORS deadline is 27 JUN 2016; agency deadline is 4 JUL 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2371&view=currentOpps&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#top

Team grant: Canada-Latin American-Caribbean Zika Virus Program
CIHR and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), working with parameters set out by members of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R), are planning to invest in areas where new knowledge on Zika virus will help develop diagnostics for Zika virus infection, understand the pathology caused by the virus, and ultimately prevent its transmission and morbidity.
    - ORS deadline is 5 JUL 2016; agency deadline is 12 JUL 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2452&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#top

Team grant: Environments and Health: Intersectoral Prevention Research

This funding opportunity supports research to examine how intersectoral strategies and approaches contribute to improvements in population health and health equity by preventing, mitigating, reducing and/or enhancing resilience to harmful environmental exposures and/or promoting healthful environments.

    - ORS deadline is 6 JUL 2016; agency deadline is 13 JUL 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2283&view=currentOpps&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true

Team grant: Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health (BIONH)
This call focuses on the identification and validation of biomarkers that are modulated by diet and that indicate a change in health status and/or the risk of developing diet-related diseases. Biomarkers of physical activity may be considered alongside diet.
    - ORS deadline is 8 JUL 2016; agency deadline is 15 JUL 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2383&view=currentOpps&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#howtoapply


SPOR PIHCI Network: Knowledge Synthesis Grants

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support knowledge syntheses and scoping reviews, which are the cornerstone of knowledge translation. Research questions should be driven by the needs of policy makers to have evidence-informed decision making.

    - ORS deadline is 20 JUL 2016; agency deadline is 26 JUL 2016. The 26th of July is a Sunday, so the agency deadline will be moved to Monday, July 27th, 2016.

    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2424&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#howtoapply



Catalyst Grant: Catalyzing Innovation in Preterm Birth Research
The aim of this funding opportunity is to provide a mechanism to support exploratory and blue-sky research projects with the potential for high impact, breakthrough and/or transformative advances in the field of preterm birth. IHDCYH will support projects that take a novel and untried approach towards advancing our knowledge and understanding of the causes and mechanisms of preterm birth, preventing preterm birth, and improving the outcomes of infants born preterm.
    - ORS deadline is 26 JUL 2016; agency deadline is 2 AUG 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2418&view=currentOpps&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#top

Operating Grant: SPOR PIHCI Network: Comparative Program and Policy Analysis
This funding opportunity focuses on two areas: 1) Comparative policy analyses across different provincial/territorial health system contexts and related health outcomes and 2) Comparative analysis of programmatic innovations in health care delivery that could scale to a system level.
    - ORS deadline 2 AUG 2016; agency deadline 9 AUG 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2455&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#howtoapply

Catalyst Grant: Analysis of CLSA Data Registration
This funding opportunity is to provide funding to support research in any area related to health using the available alpha numeric CLSA data. Linkages between CLSA and other data from any other data sets (e.g. environmental data) are accepted. We also encourage the use of CLSA data to answer a population health intervention question and/or incorporate health equity analyses into research projects.
    - 16 AUG 2016. Please notify ORS of your registration as well as the agency.
    - ORS full application deadline 23 AUG 2016; agency deadline 30 AUG 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2458&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true

Operating grant: Challenge of Dementia in Indigenous Populations
This funding opportunity intends to provide support for dementia care research that uses community-based participatory methods with rural and/or urban Indigenous populations. Funding will also work to iteratively build capacity among Indigenous scholars and students in dementia research.
    - ORS deadline 30 AUG 2016; agency deadline 6 SEP 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2460&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#howtoapply

Team grant: Preterm Birth Network
This funding opportunity will provide support for a pan-Canadian, clinical research network to address these gaps with the aim of improving patient outcomes across the continuum of perinatal, neonatal, and developmental care within a 5-year timeframe.
    - ORS deadline is 30 AUG 2016; agency deadline 6 SEP 2016. 
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2409&view=currentOpps&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#howtoapply

Team grant: Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HELTI) — South Africa
This current Funding Opportunity will fund a Cohort Leadership Team comprised of investigators and knowledge users/policy makers from both Canada and South Africa for a cohort in South Africa.
    - ORS deadline is 8 SEP 2016; agency deadline is 15 SEP 2016.
    - Applications will be by invitation only following the LOI stage. 
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2369&view=currentOpps&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#eligibility

Pathways Implementation Research Team— Component 2
The Pathways Implementation Research Teams (IRTs) Funding Opportunity supports the overall goal of Pathways which is to develop a better understanding of how to design, implement and scale-up population health interventions (such as those funded by Public health Agency of Canada, and First Nations and Inuit Health at Health Canada) that will improve Aboriginal health and health equity. The focus of research supported through this funding opportunity will be on population health interventions, defined as: policies, programs and resource distribution approaches that have the potential to impact health and health equity at a population level across the life course.
    - ORS deadline is 26 SEP 2016; agency deadline is 3 OCT 2016
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2357&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true

Indigenous Mentorship Network Program
The goal of this funding opportunity is to create distinctive and culturally relevant cohort learning opportunities and tailored mentoring activities. These activities will create support mechanisms, attend to the psychosocial needs of trainees and New Investigators and identify system and individual barriers hindering First Nations, Inuit, and Métis trainees and New Investigators in Aboriginal Health Research.
    - ORS deadline is 26 SEP 2016; agency deadline is 3 OCT 2016.
    - Find more information here: http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/49453.html

Operating grants: CIHR Collaborative Health Research Projects — NSERC Partnered
The CHRP Initiative funding supports innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects, requiring participation from the natural sciences or engineering community together with the health sciences community.
    - ORS deadline is 27 SEP 2016; agency deadline is 4 OCT 2016.
    - Application is by invitation only, following successful LOI.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/viewOpportunityDetails.do?progCd=10685&language=E&fodAgency=CIHR&view=browseArchive&browseArc=true&org=CIHR

Operating grant: SPOR Innovative Clinical Trial Multi-Year Grant
This research, conducted by multidisciplinary teams in partnership with relevant stakeholders, aims to apply the knowledge generated to improve healthcare systems and practices.
    - ORS deadline is 18 OCT 2016; agency deadline is 25 OCT 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2471&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#howtoapply

Operating grants: Antimicrobial Resistance
As stated in the AMR Federal Action Plan, Canada currently has a small number of companies engaged in either drug discovery, diagnostics or other technologies related to AMR. CIHR is committed to taking action to address the emergence and spread of AMR. In an effort to respond to the global priority of AMR as well as address existing gaps in support, CIHR is launching an _expression_ of Interest (EOI) on point-of-care diagnostics in human health.
    - ORS deadline is 1 NOV 2016; agency deadline is 8 NOV 2016.
    - Find more information here: https://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=2441&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=EXACT&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#top

Thank you.
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