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2017 MSFHR Scholar Awards: LOI and Full Application Deadlines

Dear SFU Researchers,

Re: 2017 MSFHR Scholar Awards LOI and Full Application Deadlines

The deadline for the Letter of Intent (LOI) for the 2017 MSFHR Scholar Awards competition is 7 NOV 2016. The applicant is to submit their LOI via MSFHR's ApplyNet portal. No SFU Signature Sheet is necessary at this stage. However, please e-mail Ash Lalani ashlalani@sfu.ca and let her know that you have submitted an LOI either on or before 7 NOV 2016.

After submitting their LOI, applicants must submit their full application online. Please note that the SFU ORS internal deadline for the full application and SFU Signature Sheet is 9 DEC 2016. The external MSFHR deadline is 16 DEC 2016.

Full applications are submitted via MSFHR's ApplyNet portal through a multi-stage process. The applicant must submit their complete application by the SFU ORS internal deadline on 9 DEC 2016. ORS then reviews the application before making the ultimate submission to MSFHR. (Please see Section 1.3 of the application instructions for a useful diagram outlining the application process.)

1) Please email the signed SFU SIG Sheets + any signed Grant Eligibility forms to ors@sfu.ca. The SFU Signature Sheet and Grant Eligibility form can be found here: http://www.sfu.ca/ors/forms.html
2) Any "eligibility" questions, please contact Ash Lalani (ashlalani@sfu.ca) or 778-782-9218 as soon as possible.
3) The agency's website has more information on this program listed here:


Thank you.