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2016 CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) competition + deadlines (i.e., SFU Internal + SSHRC's)

Dear SFU Researchers,
RE:  2016 CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) competition- Phase 2: Application (the LOI stage was held in May 2016)

SFU Internal Deadline for the CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects competition is  11 OCT 2016 at 10 am 
ORS' receipt of the complete/fully signed SFU SIG Sheet from eligible applicants (+ the Grant Eligibility form, where required+ your application in the "submit" mode, ready for ORS' final review (and potentially any comments for you) of your application prior to the electronic submission (eSUB) of your application to the CIHR from ResearchNet.  All applications that are fine (no changes required) will be electronically submitted to CIHR.  

After 11 OCT 2016 until CIHR/NSERC's deadline date of 18 OCT 2016
ORS can only guarantee the review with respect to those applications that are submitted by the internal deadline. We will try our best to review those received after but we can't guarantee this. The applications and signature sheets that are received after 11 OCT 2016 will still be submitted to the CIHR. All applications must be in submit mode no later than 18 OCT 2016 10 am for ORS to forward the application to CIHR through ResearchNet.
1) Please email the signed SFU SIG Sheets + any signed Grant Eligibility forms to ors@sfu.caThe SFU signature sheet and grant eligibility form can be found here: http://www.sfu.ca/ors/forms.html
2)  Any "eligibility" questions, please contact Ash Lalani (ashlalani@sfu.ca) or 778-782-9218 as soon as possible.
3) CIHR/NSERC's deadline is 18 OCT 2016. ORS staff have extended the internal clock on ResearchNet to 18 OCT 2016 10am.

Thank you.
ORS Staff