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Funding Opportunity: NSERC Idea to Innovation (I2I) Grants

Dear SFU Researchers,

Please see below for information about the upcoming NSERC Idea to Innovation Grant deadline:


SFU's Internal Deadline: SIG Sheet + eSUB mode — 27 JUN 2017

Agency Deadline: 4 JUL 2017

Please have your application in "submit" mode by 9:30AM on 27 JUN 2017 for ORS to review and submit to the agency on your behalf. Please also submit an SFU Signature Sheet to ORS by this deadline. If your application is not in "submit" mode (or your SFU Signature Sheet has not been received) by this deadline, ORS will try our best to complete a review of your application prior to submission of your application to NSERC. 

The objective of the Idea to Innovation (I2I) Grants is to accelerate the pre-competitive development of promising technology originating from the university and college sector and promote its transfer to a new or established Canadian company. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These competitions require assistance from the Industry Engagement Office ~60 days in advance of agency deadlines. Please contact Iain Begg (iainb@sfu.ca) to discuss your technology.

Find more information here.

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