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Funding Opportunity: 2018 France-Canada Research Fund "New Scientific Collaboration Support Program"

The Office of Research Services is advertising the following funding opportunity to our e-mail list members:

2018 France-Canada Research Fund "New Scientific Collaboration Support Program":

SFU's Internal Deadline: SFU Sig Sheet & copy of application — 3 NOV 2017

The agency deadline is 10 NOV 2017. Please note that the applicant, not ORS, is to email their application to the Embassy of France's Office for Science and Technology (assistant.science@ambafrance-ca.org). Please cc ors@sfu.ca on the email.

The France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF) "New Scientific Collaboration Support Program" provides financing for new scientific projects jointly developed by French and Canadian teams that have never worked together before. The financing is awarded to two-year projects in amounts ranging from $8,000 to $15,000, according to the needs expressed by the principal investigators. This financing is primarily intended to support the mobility of young researchers and their students.

Following the 10 NOV 2017 agency deadline, a maximum of five SFU proposals will proceed to the next stage in the competition. An internal review of applications (led by SFU's FCRF correspondent, Dr. Joy Johnson, Vice-President Research) will be undertaken, if necessary.

Please find the application form and detailed guidelines here.

NOTE: ORS collects all applications for Dr. Joy Johnson, Vice-President Research (SFU's FCRF correspondent)

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