I am mostly interested in the study of language change. I prefer to construct databases through extensive fieldwork and to analyze the data with statistical methods that help reveal significant patterns. I try to interpret such patterns using concepts, constructs and categories that are significant to the people of the communities I investigate. I have conducted language change studies that have focused on morphology (the formation of the periphrastic future in Greek), syntax (clitic positioning in Greek) and phonetics/phonology (the variation between palatal and alveolar realizations of /li/ and /ni/ in Greek).

I have also worked extensively on Computer Assisted Language Learning (Odysseas: Greek for English speakers and Greek for Chinese speakers).


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Ongoing Projects

  • Right now I am still working on clitics looking at their position constraints in Modern Cypriot Greek.
  • I am also working with Dr. Arne Mooers, an evolutionary biologist, on a project about the effect of frequency of use of a lexical item on its rate of change within the history of Greek.


Finally, I am working on constructing a corpus of BC English.


Odysseas here

A CALL system for learning Greek. I developed most of the content as well as the architecture of the units.

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