I have taught a wide variety of courses that range from Modern Greek for Beginners to the graduate seminar in Syntax. As a result I have to employ different teaching methodologies according to the requirements of each course; at the same time, there is a set of principles that guides my overall approach to teaching:

1. Always be clear about the objectives of the course, what is required of students in terms of grades, and the important dates in terms of assignments.

2. Always be available for students whether in the classroom or outside of class time.

3. Try to incorporate as much hands-on learning as the course material permits.

4. Encourage students to express their own ideas and opinions.

5. Try to communicate to students why I find the subject matter fascinating and worth studying.

6. To learn from my students as well as teach them.

7. To work with students to help them realize their plans beyond the university.







LING220. Introduction to Linguistics

LING260. Language, Culture and Society LING301W. Linguistic Argumentation

LING322. Syntax

LING323. Morphology

LING407. Historical Linguistics

LING409. Sociolinguistics

LING480. Topics in Linguistics: Syntactic Theory and the Structure of Modern Greek

LING481. Topics in Linguistics: Mechanisms of Language Change in the History of Greek

LING801. Syntax

LING805. Historical Linguistics

LING806. Sociolinguistics

LING812. Topics in Linguistics



GRK110. Modern Greek Beginners I

GRK160. Modern Greek Beginners II


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