One Column Portfolio Subheading


Machine Learning:

This position is for a research project focused on better understanding of the issue of auditory hypersensitivity in kids with Autism. We are interested in developing advanced technologies for improving the quality of life of the individuals who are affected by this disorder.


The primary goal is designing and developing algorithms, based on deep learning/neural networks techniques. This position requires a highly motivated individual who will bring deep technical and software expertise.


• Improve the existing model’s performance and accuracy and develop new techniques based on the recent advanced technologies in deep learning and computer vision algorithms.

• Reduce the system’s latency with the knowledge of real-time processing and signal processing.

• Support the entire application (concept, design, test, release and support)


• BSc. or MSc. in Computer Science/Engineering specializing in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, or similar fields.

• Hands on experience in designing real-time processing/computer vision algorithms and applications, e.g., object detection, segmentation, tracking, recognition and prediction.

• Completed projects with deep learning framework such as CNN, RNN/LSTM using Tensorflow.

• Familiar with real time software development and optimization experience. • Extensive experience in multi-core programming and implementing multi-threaded applications.

• Skilled in OpenCV and image processing open source libraries.

• Skilled in Python.

• Self motivated and able to work in a team environment

• Excellent creative thinking skills and able to devise innovative solutions to problems