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Birds and Taxes Blog
Online calculator comparing taxation on salary vs dividends for small business owners, medical expenses tax credits calculator, charitable donation vs. political contribution, and more.
(WordPress, JavaScript, Flot graphics library)
Search for photos on Flickr.
(JavaScript, AJAX, connecting to Flickr's REST service API)
Web Numerology
Numerology by a Search Engine.
Find out what the internet thinks of names!
(PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX)
Statistical Experiment Simulations
Experimental design elucidated. A work project for the SFU Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. (Java applets)
Web Quest Web Quest
Find how words are associated to each other on the web.
(Java applet)
Fashion Symbols Fashion Symbols
Ensure your attire implies you are powerful, intelligent and with animal magnetism! Discover what the brand names you wear project onto your personality.
The World of Work The World of Work
Have a career in mind? Find out how it's going to affect your mood. Discover how the Internet community feels after a day of work.
My Ideal Wheels My Ideal Wheels
A site that will help you compare and choose the kind of transportation device that inspires the public image you deserve to have.
My Ideal Meal My Ideal Meal
Match you taste buds desires with the right dish.
Flies on Target
Time to shoot some flies? (Flash)