IAT 355 Assignment 2

Programming using D3

Create a Florence Nightingale Rose Plot visualization that reads data from a comma-separated text file. The Nightingale Rose Plot uses radial sectors of a circle to depict a time series, using the area of each sector as the visual variable. See slide 17 in IAT355-Lec02-IntroVis.pptx for Nightingale's version. In your version of this, you must be able to depict a year's worth of data for two variables (Nightingale's version in the PPT slides has one variable).
The visualization code must be written in Javascript using D3.
The visualization must have the following features:

  1. Two Time Series. Draw a set of sectors that represent two time series together. The user should be able to readily tell which sector belongs to which variable.
  2. Automatic scaling. The Plot should be automatically sized on the basis of the variables that are assigned to the two sets of sectors.
  3. Labels. Each sector of each variable must have its numeric value shown as text.
  4. Metadata You should draw metadata.


It's best if you represent the data in human-readable form.


Here is Florence Nightingale's data. You might wish to use the first column of the data file as an index for the data case.

Plot any two data columns.


Hand In

Please hand in (upload):
The code you wrote.
A URL link to your D3 Visualization.

Be prepared to run the program in the Open Lab on February 10. and show it to the TA.

Due: Thursday February 9

Here are two rose plots side by side