Associate Professor
Department of Humanities and Asia-Canada Program



Graduate Supervision
  • Senior Supervisor, Tang Yang, M.A., Humanities, SFU, ˇ°Between Fantasy and Reality: Time-Travel Romance and Media Fandon in Chinese Cyberspace,ˇ± 2011-2014.
  • External examiner, Xu Peimu, M.A., National University of Singapore Decentralization and Competition of Cultural Power: "New Concept" Writings, Literary Awards and Literary Production in Contemporary China.ˇ± 2010.
  • External examiner, Su Yongli, Ph.D, Australian National University, ˇ°The 'Wang Shuo phenomenon' and the emergent commercialised popular culture in mainland China during the late 1980s and early 1990s.ˇ± 2008.
  • Directed graduate reading course ˇ°Comparative Studies on Chinese Television Drama,ˇ± Zou Yi, M.A., Asian Studies, The University of Sydney, 2006.
  • Co-supervisor, Vanessa Hayes, M.A., East Asian Studies, University of Alberta, ˇ°Jiang Qing (Madam Mao) Revisited,ˇ± 2003.
  • Examination committee, Louisa Siyi Wei, Ph.D, Comparative Literature/Religious Studies/Film Studies, University of Alberta, ˇ°The Fifth Generation and Beyond: Reflections on Contemporary Chinese Cinematic Culture,ˇ± 2001.
Course Offering
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  • HUM383 Selected Topics in Humanities: Modern Chinese literature and Film
  • HUM382 Great Texts Accross Cultures (Intersession)
  • HUM 202 Great Texts: Asian Thought and Literature
  • HUM 203 Great Texts in the Humanities III
  • ASC 300 Asians and North Americans in Public Discourse
  • ASC301 Asian Canadian Cultural Activism: Experiences and Perspectives
  • ASC 302: Selected Topics in Chinese Studies
  • Theories and Methods in the Humanities
  • HUM800 Theories and Methods in the Humanities (co-ordinator, graduate seminar)
  • HUM804 Directed Reading (graduate seminar)
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