Dear EC4U visitor,

This is a short note to introduce myself, and to let you know about the EC4U project which will allow more K-7 students to get in touch with chemistry at an early age.

I have been with the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University since 2001 as a lecturer in chemistry. With over 20 years of teaching experience at various other universities, I believe that it is not just what you teach, but how you teach it that makes a difference. My goal has always been that my students should really enjoy learning chemistry and it is up to me to provide the tools to help them learn.

Three years ago I started developing a new project: EC4U (Experimental Chemistry for Us). My goal is to provide Canada's young people access to hands-on science skills through a process which encourages and involves their science teachers. The K-7 target age-group is being recognized more and more as a suitable age to “reach” youth before they begin to disengage. EC4U directly involves the elementary teachers in the planning of the experiments so that they’re suitable to what the children are being taught at their particular school. This project is provided at no cost to the schools.

I have gone to hundreds of classes in several different schools, doing experiments with thousands of students. Up to now I have contacted the teachers directly, asking them if they want me to come to their classroom to perform chemistry experiments with their students. Now that you have some insight on the EC4U project, I offer you the opportunity to contact me if you have any questions or to enroll if you want me to go to your school!

Dr. Sophie Lavieri
Department of Chemistry
Simon Fraser University

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