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Richard Smith is a Professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. He is also Director of the Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST) at SFU. Smith's research focus is social inclusion (and exclusion) brought on by the introduction of new media. He has an ongoing interest in technology for education, privacy and surveillance in public spaces, online communities, and the wireless information society.

Current research projects include: 1) civic engagement and surveillance environments, 2) privacy issues in the application of mobile technologies to learning and political action, 3) new applications for information technology in support of scholarly publishing, 4) "games" of innovation in the new media industry, and 5) the development of technologies for mobile media-rich urban shared experience - platforms for mobile social software.

With his graduate students, Richard Smith is also working on critical studies of "addictive" on-line games, new communication technology in the home, open source software and social activism, and information technology in support of first nations development and tele-health.

With academic training in communication and law, Dr. Smith has degrees from Carleton University (BA) and Simon Fraser University (MA and PhD). He is a member of the Canadian Communication Association, and the International Association for Management of Technology. He is also the publisher of the Canadian Journal of Communication.