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How to Apply to Grad School

The Richard Smith version...

As with all of my advice, this should be taken as supplementary to the official advice you can get from the University Dean of Graduate Studies web pages and our own School of Communication web pages for graduate students.

I have no secret recipe for getting into grad school, I am afraid. The best advice I can give is to go to the school's pages for grad school as well at the pages maintained by the Dean of Graduate Studies and read them carefully, follow all the instructions, and ask lots of questions. Denise Vanderwolf, the grad secretary in our department is an invaluable resource as is Gary McCarron, the grad chair.

Beyond that, I suppose the single best bit of advice I could give anyone would be to visit the school, speak to current graduate students, and make appointments to meet as many professors as you can. Obviously this isn't feasible for people who live far away, but you can sometimes engage people in an email dialogue. And it is more important if you are applying for the PhD program than the MA.