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Mobile Rich Media Research

Following a group of people who create, consume, and share rich media on mobile devices

(Completed 2009)

This research uses in-depth explorations of user experience at the moment of capturing and sharing events in the lives of five participants. The participants will be selected from the demographic and market segments most closely associated with high involvement in mobile rich media creation and sharing. These participants will have the opportunity to engage in long-term (more than 1 month) experience with mobile rich media devices and applications.

In these field trials we will focus on a use case that centers on the “discovery,” “sharing,” and “consumption” aspects of mobile rich media - how do people find, share, and enjoy mobile rich media? If resources and time permit, we hope to add a fourth use case - the production/creation of rich media for mobile platforms. We will specifically be focused on the “moments” of decision- making - capturing an event, and sharing that captured moment - that the participants experience.

The research design consists of a group of five participants followed through their acquisition, exploration, and use of an advanced mobile multimedia device on a high-speed wireless network for discovery, sharing, and consumption of rich media in their daily lives. In-depth interviews, singly and in a group as well as diaries (electronic and traditional paper) will be used. TEDA will play an instrumental role in the design and analysis stages of the project.