Corrigenda and Addenda
for first edition (1991) of

Beyond Experience –
Metaphysical Theories and
Philosophical Constraints

Author: Norman Swartz
Publisher: Toronto University Press
Copyright © University of Toronto Press, 1991
ISBN: 0-8020-2783-0 (cloth)
ISBN: 0-8020-6832-4 (paper)
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Copyright © Norman Swartz, 2001
ISBN: 0-9730084-0-7 (e-version)
ISBN: 0-9730084-1-5 (CD-ROM)

Addenda for first edition (1991)

Defense of Chapter Seven (Pains). (Added Sept. 9, 2000)

Addendum to Chapter Eight. (Added Jan. 15, 1998)

Corrigenda for first edition (1991)

Note: If no footnote or Index reference is given, then:
"Ln" indicates n lines down from the top of the page; and
"Ln" indicates n lines up from the bottom of the body of the text.
Example: "L3" indicates the third line above the first footnote on the page.

p. 5 footnote 1, last line: p. xii. / p. xiv.
p. 14 L3: health / heath
p. 27 L15: an example / a example
p. 72 L7: other than / other that
p. 135 L10: (or even 'is') that very pain, / (or even 'is' that very pain),
p. 148 Section 8.2 (and Contents, p. vi): delete "and time", i.e. heading should read only: A neo-Leibnizian theory of space
p. 157 L12: bounteous / fulsome
p. 196 L6: 'being at different times at different places'. / 'being at different places at different times'.
p. 199 L2: tarrying in time being impossible / tarrying in space being impossible
p. 203 footnote 29, L2: move back and forth in time / move back and forth in space
p. 227 L4: replace "or" with "and"
p. 244 L6: They ask questions / They ask question
p. 247 L10: exceeds that / exceeds than
p. 247 L24: covetousness / covertness
p. 265 L2: prefer to use / prefer to used
p. 271 L4: which / with
p. 276 footnote, L2: comes / come
p. 284 L6: First / First and foremost
p. 307 L11: in terms of / in term of
p. 309 L6: inference or any / inference of any
p. 316 L6: an important / a important
p. 338 L12: an example / a example
p. 342 L2: dissimilar / different
p. 355 L10: It / Its
p. 387 L6: an equal / a equal
p. 399 L19: either is / is either
p. 427 L4: have been included / have been been included
p. 431 index entry for Rescher: xi-xii / xiii-xiv
p. 432 index entry for Taylor: 224-5, 365-6, 409 / 224-5, 409

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