List of Works realized with the POD & PODX Systems

Barry Truax
Tape VII, "The Journey to the Gods," from Gilgamesh (1973) 4-ch. tape

Trigon (1974-75), for mezzo-soprano, alto flute, piano & 2-ch. tape

Sonic Landscape No. 3 (1975; revised 1977) 4-ch. tape

Nautilus (1976), for percussion & 4-ch. tape

Sonic Landscape No. 4 (1977), for organ & 4-ch. tape

Androgyny (1978) 4-ch. tape

Aerial (1979), for horn & 4-ch. tape

Love Songs (1979), for voice & 4-ch. tape (Part II only)

Arras (1980) 4-ch. tape

East Wind (1981), for recorder & 4-ch. tape (live part only)

Nightwatch (1982), for marimba & 4-ch. tape (live part only)

Wave Edge (1983) 4-ch. tape

Etude (1984), for cello & 2-ch. tape

Solar Ellipse (1984-85) 4-ch.tape

Divan (1985), for computer images (by Theo Goldberg) & 2-ch. tape

Riverrun (1986) 4-ch. tape, remixed for 8-ch. tape (2004)

The Wings of Nike (1987), for computer images (by Theo Goldberg) and 2-ch. tape

Tongues of Angels (1988), for oboe d'amore, English horn and 4-ch. tape

Beauty And The Beast (1989), for computer images (by Theo Goldberg), Narrator (playing oboe d'amore & English horn) and 2-ch. tape

Pacific (1990) 4-ch. tape

Dominion (1991), for 12 performers and 2-ch. tape

Basilica (1992) 2-ch. tape

Night of the Conjurer (1992) video tape by Theo Goldberg

Song of Songs (1992), for oboe d'amore, English horn, computer images (by Theo Goldberg) and 2-ch. tape

Sequence of Later Heaven (1993), 4-ch.tape

Threshing (On The Mechanics of Nostalgia) video tape by Thecla Schiphorst

Bamboo, Silk and Stone (1994), for Asian instruments and 2-ch. tape

Inside (1995), for bass oboe and 2-ch. tape

Powers of Two: The Artist (1995), for two singers, dancer, video tape and 8-ch. tape

Patterns (1996), for female voice and 2-ch. tape

Pacific Fanfare (1996) 2-ch. and 8-ch. tape

Wings of Fire (1996), for female cellist and 2-ch. tape

Androgyne, Mon Amour (1996-97), for amplified double bass and 2-ch. tape

Pendlerdrom (1997) 2-ch. and 8 ch. tape

Powers of Two: The Sibyl (1997), for two singers, dancer, video tape and 8-ch. tape

Powers of Two: Beyond (1997), for four singers, two dancers, and 8-ch. tape

Twin Souls (1997), for choir and 2-ch. tape

Sequence of Earlier Heaven (1998), 8-ch.tape

Powers of Two: Repetition (1999), for four singers, two dancers, and 8-ch. tape

La Sera di Benevento (1999), 2-ch. tape

Island (2000), 8-ch. or 16-ch. tape

Steam (2001), for alto flute and two digital soundtracks

Temple (2002), 8-ch. or 16-ch. tape

Prospero's Voyage (2004), 8-ch. or 16-ch. tape

Skin & Metal (2004), a music theatre piece for leather percussionist and digital soundtracks

The Shaman Ascending (2004-2005), 8-ch. or 16-ch. tape

The Way of the Spirit (2005-2006), for ichigenkin, shakuhachi and eight digital soundtracks, with Randy Raine-Reusch

Orpheus Ascending (2006), for soprano, baritone and tape

The Ghostly Moon (2008), a music theatre work for erhu, zheng, marimba and digital soundtracks

Otto Laske

Structure IV (1973) 2-ch. tape

Structure VIII (1975) 2-ch. tape

Furies and Voices (1990) 2-ch. tape


Theo Goldberg

Daedalus (1977), for mezzo-soprano, harp, percussion & 2-ch. tape

Orion: Changes (1979), for slides & 2-ch. tape


Jean Piché

La Mer à l'Aube (1977) 2-ch. tape

Heliograms (1978) 2-ch. tape

Shades of Rouge (1980), for percussion & 2-ch. tape


Paul Dolden

The Melting Voice Through Mazes Running (1983) 2-ch. tape


Michela Mollia

A State of Silence (1984) 2-ch. tape


John Rimmer

Fleeting Images (1985) 2-ch. tape

Crow (1990), for oboe and 2-ch. tape

Beyond The Saying (1990) 2-ch. tape

Star Song (1990), for soprano and 2-ch. tape

Pacific Soundscapes With Dancing (1995) 2-ch. tape

The Final Test (1995) 2-ch. tape


Patrick Carpenter

Savannah Pharaoh (1989) 2-ch. tape


Susan Frykberg

A Tarot Reading (1988) 2-ch. tape

Woman and House (1990-91), music theatre work

Mother Too (1991), for voice, tape and live signal processing

Birth/Rebirth Bearing Me (1992), 2-ch. tape

Layers of Self (1992-93), multi-speaker environment

Astonishing Sense of Being Taken Over By Something Far Greater Than Me (1995), for violin(s) and 2-ch. tape

I Didn't Think Much About It (1997), for piano and 2-ch. tape


Rob Ablenas

fermata via media (1990) 4-ch. tape


John Elmsly

Masked Rituals (1989) 2-ch. tape

Voices in the Air (1994) 2-ch. tape

Drift (1994), for viola and 2-ch. tape

Whispering Island (1996) 2-ch. tape


Franco Sbacco

Gli Anelli del Planeta (1990) 2-ch. tape

Spessori e Densita Variabili (1990) 4-ch. tape

Grafi Orientati (1990), for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trombone and 4-ch.tape


Denis Smalley

Valley Flow (1991-92) 2-ch. tape


Wende Bartley

Ocean of Ages Revealed (1991) 2-ch. tape

Kees Tazelaar

Monument (1991) 2-ch. tape

Paradigma (1992) 8-ch. tape

Chris Rolfe

Bronze Wound (1992) 2-ch. tape

Hearing Footsteps (1994/96) 2-ch. tape


Alessandro Cipriani

Quadro (1994), for string quartet and 2-ch. tape

Terra Fluida (1991-94) video tape by Alba D'Urbano

In Memory of a Recorder (1994) 2-ch. tape

Recordare (1994-97), for bass and contrabass recorder and 2-ch. tape

Il Pensiero Magmatico (1996), for piano, percussion, choir and 2-ch. tape

Angelus Domini (1996), for gregorian chant singer and 2-ch. tape

Still Blue (Homage to Derek Jarman) (1996), for piano, soprano saxophone, cello, mime, projected video and tape


Darren Copeland

Night Camera (1993) 2-ch. tape


Agostino Di Scipio

Essai du Vide, Schweigen (1993) 2-ch. tape

Some strings quiet, Some strings cry (1993), for harp and 2-ch. tape

Studio discreta della nuvola MXIX. Etude GSKX (1993) 2-ch. tape


David Liffen

Suite: Building Blocks (1994) 2-ch. tape

Bubble and Squeak (1994) 2-ch. tape

Sword Flight (1994) 2-ch. tape


Manuel Rocha

SL-9 (1994) 2-ch. tape

Moin Mor (1995) 2-ch. tape


Yves Potvin

Liguits Rom (1994) 2-ch. tape


Peter Manning

The Ghost of Eriboll (1994) 2-ch. tape

By-Law 2531, City of Vancouver (1994) 2-ch. tape

In Memoriam CPR (2000), 8-ch. tape


Jonty Harrison

Splintering (1997) 2-ch. tape


Roger Doyle

Spirit Levels (1997) 2-ch. tape


Andra McCartney

Coiled Chalk Circle, 2-ch. tape


Matthew Burtner

Fragments and Song (1996), for amplified horn, live electronics and 2-ch. tape

Eight Soundscape Miniatures (1996) 2-ch. tape

Fern (1997) 2-ch. tape

Incantations S4 (1997), for amplified tenor saxophone and 2-ch. tape


Total: 26 composers, over 100 works