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Section 6.5 Staying Healthy

  • A healthy mind, body, and soul promote success. Create a healthy lifestyle by taking an active role in this lifelong process.

  • Mentally:

    • Feed your intellectual hunger! Choose a program of study that suits your talents and interests. You may want to get help by visiting with an academic advisor:

    • Take breaks from studying! This clears your mind and energizes you.

  • Physically:

    • Eat well! Have regular meals and make them nutritious.

    • Exercise! You may want to get involved in a recreational sport.

    • Get out rain or shine! Your body needs sunshine to produce vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones.

    • Sleep well! Have a bed time routine that will relax you so that you get good sleep. Get enough sleep so that you are energized.

  • Socially:

    • Make friends! Friends are good for listening, help you to study, and make you feel connected.

    • Get involved! Join a university club or student union.