Kevin Wainwright, Ph.D
Office: 3645 West Mall

Department of Economics
8888 University Drive
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C., CANADA
V5A 1S6

Current Courses Summer 2018
Econ 201 Microeconomics I: Competitive Behavior
Econ 460 Seminar in Environmental Economics
 Environmental Courses


Econ 260

Environmental Economics

Econ 460

Seminar in Environmental Economics

Reading List
Selection of journal articles for Econ 402, 425, 460 courses
Math Econ Courses
Econ 331

Introduction to Mathematical Economics

Econ 431

Intermediate Mathematical Economics

OPMT 7701

Calculus for Business Students

MPP 806

Math and stats primer for Masters of Public Policy

Calculus Videos

Video lessons for calculus with economic applications

Microeconomic Theory Courses
Econ 201

Microeconomics I: Competitive Behavior

Econ 301 (old)

Intermediate Microeconomics (I)

Econ 402

Advanced Topics in Microeconomic Theory

Econ 425
Advanced Topics in Industrial Organization
MPP 801

Economic Foundations for Master of Public Policy

Micro Videos

Video lessons for Microeconomics with Calculus

Other Links

My Faculty Homepage at BCIT


My Working Paper and other Documents


Curriculum Vitae (academic biography)

National Advanced Placement Home

 Areas of Concentration:

  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Industrial Organization
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Environment and Resources
  • Law, Economics, and Property Rights



Current Research:

  • The social costs of torts in a costly legal system
  • Relative Age Effects, Streaming, and Adverse Selection in Sports and Education
  • Dual Organizational Structures In Franchise Industries
  • Environmental Regulation, Asymmetric Information, and Moral Hazard

My Niece, the downhill racer!

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