Hillslope Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Description

The 1 x 1 m interpolated DEM of ground-surface elevation and bedrock topography are stored in an excel spreadsheet (Datafile 1) using a local planar coordinate system (X, Y) in meters with the lower, right corner of the hillslope, where the trench begins set at (0,0). Note that all references to right and left hand sides of the hillslope or trench use the convention of facing upslope. X coordinates range from -2 to 26 m, moving left along the trench from 2 m right of the trench to 6 m beyond the left end of the trench (facing upslope). The trench itself runs from 0 to 20 (right to left). Y coordinates indicate the distance upslope from the trenchface, ranging from 0, located at the trench at the base of the hillslope to 48 m above the trench, at the top of the hillslope. Vertical elevations for the ground surface and bedrock topography range from 1.4 to 13.9 m, and 0.2 m to 13.8 m, respectively, and are referenced to a local datum/reference point located below the trench face. The local planar coordinate system is used for the location names of water-table recording wells and soil moisture content measurements. Figure 4 (Tromp van Meerveld et al., 2006c) shows maps of instrument locations, upslope contributing area calculated based on both surface and bedrock topography and soil depth.

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