Make a difference for B.C.

SFU has an outsized impact on the province. For students, we are a global university in their communities, offering relevant, exceptional education. We attract learners from around the world and many of our alumni remain in B.C. after graduation, contributing their talents and enriching society. Through our people, research, partnerships and spaces, we make our mark, bolstered by our collective attention to community engagement.

We will reinforce our role as the university for B.C., using our capacity for social and economic change to strengthen the province and connect the world with B.C.


Through this strategy we will:

Expand experiential education, lifelong learning and credential models to improve student outcomes and accelerate regional impact and innovation.

Establish a socially accountable medical school and graduate physicians with the competencies to provide team-based health care and serve B.C.’s diverse communities.

Facilitate evidence-informed public dialogue that fosters pluralism and shared problem-solving across the province.

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Read the full strategy to see why and how we're taking the next step of SFU's journey—together.