Woodworking Virtual Gallery

Woodworking and the use of wood is an important part of aboriginal culture. Not only does it represent the use of an abundant resource, but also reflects the cultural beliefs about the world around them.

What symbols or images can you see here? (For example, the adze handle has an animal carved on it.) What do you think they might mean?

Because wood does not preserve well in the archaeological record, wooden tools are rare finds. We learn from the people themselves how woodworking has been done by their ancestors. What parts of these tools would be preserved in an archaeological site? (What parts are made from metal or stone?)

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Hafted maulD AdzeBeaver Bowl  carved by Ray WesleyBailerDuck adzeSplitting logsCrooked knifeHand adzeHand maulElbow adzeCedar bendwood boxBirchwood mask by Ken Mowatt