Inka Ceramic Figure

Incan Ceramic Figure

Artifact # 96.2.13 Described as Hand-made pottery and is thought to be a broken vessle top.
Most of our information about how Inka People looked and dressed comes from figurines, statues, paintings and the work of the Spanish. We can learn lots just from looking at this figure. Note the earspools. The Inka, and many other people around the world tatooed and pierced their bodies to decorate themselves. Some of these tatooes and jewelry had religious or social meaning. For example, a young person looking for a spouse would wear specific types of jewelry or body paint to signify their availability. Do you live in a place where people signal social meanings through jewelry or other decoration? What kind of meanings are intended? What other deductions can you make about the appearance of the Incas from looking at this figure?

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