The Centre for Wildlife Ecology is a collaboration between Simon Fraser University and Environment Canada. Its mission is:

NEWS from the CWE

Gulls are Awesome! Check out this amusing and informative article from the popular website "Vancouver is Awesome" about the joint CWE and ECCC project on Glaucous-winged Gulls.

Ever wondered what biofilm is and why it's so important for migrating shorebirds? Birds Canada has an excellent video that explains it all for you, featuring research by the CWE's Bob Elner!

Birds Canada recently released a podcast discussing the threatened Marbled Murrelet, a subject of long-term research by the CWE.

CWE students Katie Leonard and Brett Hodinka are recipients of the Biology Department's Outreach Awards for 2022. Katie won for challenging SFU to do a better job preventing bird collisions with windows, and Brett for his active promotion of Biology on social media platforms. Congrats Katie and Brett!

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