The Centre for Wildlife Ecology is a collaboration between Simon Fraser University and Environment Canada. Its mission is:

NEWS from the CWE

The CWE played a part in a good news story for an injured Sandhill Crane! "Fraser" was released after 6 months rehabilitation for a broken leg. Watch the video of his successful return to nature.

CWE members Mason King, Tony Williams and John Elliott published a comprehensive review paper on effects of petroleum pollution on birds in Science of the Total Environment. They noted the need for more research on effects of ingestion of bitumen.

The Coast Reporter caught up with CWE researchers David Green and Lena Ware on the hunt for these clownish orange-billed shellfish crackers! Satellite radios placed on the birds' backs will give us information on where they roam over the next 3 years.

CWE alumna Willow English's work on Red Phalaropes is featured on "The Nature of Things" in an episode called 'Stay At Home Animal Dads'. Phalarope males incubate eggs and raise chicks with no help from the mother. The episode was written in part by another CWE alumna, Lesley Evans Ogden, now a freelance popular science journalist.

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