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At Carleton, we are “Here for Good” – a motto which signifies our commitment to serve the greater good of society through higher education. Community engagement is central to our institutional DNA; it is integral to our identity and to our roots. In fact, Carleton was founded in an act of community-based philanthropy in 1942, and continues to nurture a culture of community service across campus.

Community-university partnership-in-action

Brewing Better Business: Carleton and Bridgehead Research a Coffee Conundrum

Working with more than a dozen facilities on campus, Front Door, through fee-for-service contracts, consulting services, R&D partnerships and other interactions, generates revenue for university researchers and, at the same time, helps companies get smarter.

Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) program

In 2015, after two decades of legal battles, an unprecedented Caribbean Court of Justice ruling reinforced property rights of the Maya people of Belize, enshrining their system of customary land tenure within the country’s constitution and providing protection from encroaching logging and oil companies. Two years later, Carleton University student Tianna Doto travelled to the Mayan village of Laguna in southern Belize, where she and a small group of classmates developed an activity booklet to teach children about the court case and how it could impact their lives.

Understanding of the Dimensions of Making Energy More Sustainable

The MoCreebec Eeyoud First Nation in Moose Factory, Ont., wants to reduce energy costs and take ownership of power consumption. Carleton University students Joshua Russell and Keelia LaFreniere are helping them figure out the best path forward. The two Sustainable Energy master’s students are developing recommendations on the most viable option for local energy production thanks to funding from the Independent Electricity System Operators’ (IESO) educational capacity building program.Students and faculty members in the Sustainable Energy Engineering and Policy program with members of the MoCreebec Eeyoud First Nation in Moose Factory, Ont.

Iconic Birchbark Canoe Comes to Life: Students Learn From Master Builder

The university’s Centre for Aboriginal Culture and Education (CACE) and the Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) have decided to collaborate on a project that will bring students together to build a birchbark canoe using traditional materials and methods. The students will build the canoe under the direction of Pinock, an internationally-renowned Algonquin craftsman from the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Nation, about two hours north of Ottawa.

Participants and sponsors

Benoit‐Antoine Bacon

President and Vice‐Chancellor

Dr. Benoit‐Antoine Bacon is the President and Vice‐Chancellor at Carleton University.  He started his five‐year mandate as President on July 1, 2018. He joined Carleton from Queen’s University where he served as Provost and Vice‐ Principal (Academic).

His research in the field of cognitive neuroscience focuses on the links between brain activity and perception in the visual and auditory systems, as well as on multisensory integration. He remains associated with the Montreal‐based Neuropsychology and Cognition Research Center (CERNEC), which is funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS).

Benoit‐Antoine Bacon, President and Vice‐Chancellor, Carleton University
Lorraine Dyke, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic, Carleton University

Lorraine Dyke

Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning)

Dr. Lorraine Dyke is the Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning) at Carleton University. Her current responsibilities include strategic planning, budgeting, academic labour relations and faculty affairs. Community engagement has been a common thread throughout her career from her research with organizations through to her involvement with various community initiatives for women. In recognition of her work, Dr. Dyke was the recipient of a Leading Women Building Communities Award from the Government of Ontario in 2014.

Jerry Tomberlin

Interim Provost and Vice‐President (Academic)

Dr. Jerry Tomberlin is the Interim Provost and Vice‐President (Academic) at Carleton University, in addition to a Professor in the Supply Management Group at the Sprott School of Business.

Dr Tomberlin was a member of the AACSB International Board of Directors and remains active as a member of the Business Accreditation Policy Committee. He was also previously the Chair of the Board of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans.

His principal research interests are: data analysis; statistical applications in casualty actuarial science, employment discrimination and transportation; the design and analysis of sample surveys; and the impact of academic business research.

Jerry Tomberlin, Interim Provost and Vice‐President (Academic), Carleton University
Karen Schwartz, Interim Associate Vice-President, Research and International, Carleton University

Karen Schwartz

Interim Associate Vice-President, Research and International 

Karen Schwartz holds a doctorate in Social Work and serves as Interim Associate Vice‐President (Research and International) and as Carleton’s International Liaison Officer. She is part of senior management responsible for advancing Carleton’s international research agenda including research projects, global partnerships and exchanges. Her research interests involve community engagement and experiential learning. She is a co‐investigator on a SSHRC funded grant exploring the benefits to communities of being engaged with the University and is coauthor of the book Research for Social Justice: A community‐Based Participatory Approach. Lastly, she is a board member of Community Based Research Canada.

Katherine Graham

Special Advisor to the Provost

Katherine A. H. Graham is a Professor Emerita of Public Policy and Administration and Special Advisor to the Provost at Carleton University. She held senior academic management posts at Carleton for twenty years, consistently emphasizing community‐university engagement both as an academic leader and a researcher. She was the inaugural Chair of Community Based Research Canada (CBRC) and, in 2017, was the first recipient of the CBRC Leadership Award.

Katherine Graham, Special Advisor to the Provost, Carleton University