Université du Québec

Founded in 1968 by the Government of Québec, Université du Québec is a system of ten universities whose mission is to provide access to undergraduate, and graduate studies and further the scientific development of Québec and of the province’s regions through research. 


Participants and sponsors

Johanne Jean, President, Université du Québec

Johanne Jean


Trained in engineering and management, Mrs. Jean spent 20 years as a professor and in challenging administrative roles at the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT). She became the first woman to be elected Chancellor of this remotely located establishment and dedicated 13-years to mobilize the institution to become a leader in fields responding to challenges that matter to communities. Examples of innovative responses include founding a Chair related to environment and waste management in the mining industry, the creation of First People Pavilion, and the creation of the first Indigenous school in the province of Quebec. In 2017, Mrs. Jean became president of the Université du Québec where she is a passionate advocate for regional and community development and works to build mutually-beneficial partnerships within economic and social sectors.

Marie-José Fortin

Directrice du Bureau de la présidence

With a multidisciplinary background in landscape architecture, geography and regional development (Ph.D.), Marie-José Fortin was recently a full professor at the Université du Québec à Rimouski. As holder of Canada’s research Chair in regional and territorial development (level II) for ten years, she was engaged in public debates on controversial topics, including energy and natural resources. In fall 2017, Marie-José began a new position as director of the President’s Office where she works to connect and support scholars and society, investing in strategic and adaptable approaches to community-university engagement.

Marie-José Fortin, Directrice du Bureau de la présidence, Université du Québec