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Serving approximately 16,000 students, the University of Windsor has played a longstanding and critical role as a regional collaborative hub and partner in social and economic advancement. This engagement is a key driver of programming, teaching, learning, facilities planning, and research and creative activity at our University. Student engagement data consistently reflect high levels of community service and community-oriented service learning, relative to comparator universities, despite the fact that our students are more likely to have off-campus jobs, and to work more hours at those jobs. Community partnership has been, and remains, critical to our region’s resilience in changing economic and social conditions – to our collective capacity to learn, and to go on learning, with and from each other.

Participants and sponsors

Jeff Berryman, Provost and Vice-President, Academic (Acting) and Distinguished University Professor in law, University of Windsor

Jeff Berryman

Associate Vice-President (Academic) and Distinguished University Professor in law

Jeff Berryman is Provost and Vice-President, Academic (Acting) and Distinguished University Professor in law. His research work lies in private law, an area in which he is widely published. In his senior administrative role he provides leadership for initiatives that focus on enriching the student experience to increase recruitment and retention, and to enhance institutional reputation. He is a strong believer in leveraging the university’s human capital to assist in regional economic transformation, participate in its cultural renaissance, and enhance the liveability of the city and region.

Cheryl Collier

Professor, Department of Political Science and Chair, Carnegie Classification Pilot Project

Dr. Cheryl N. Collier is Associate Vice-President, Academic (Acting) and Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Windsor. Her primary areas of research include comparative women’s movements, federal and provincial child care and anti-violence against women policy, federalism, Ontario politics, and most recently violence against women in politics. She has published on these topics in a variety of Canadian and comparative journals.

Cheryl Collier, Associate Vice-President, Academic (Acting), University of Windsor
Rosemary Zanutto, Executive Director, Institutional Analysis, University of Windsor

Rosemary Zanutto

Executive Director, Institutional Analysis

Rosemary Zanutto (BComm CPA, CA) has spent many years in roles that support the strategic directions of the University. As Executive Director, Institutional Analysis, she takes a leadership role in government relations, enrolment planning and administrative student surveys. She makes recommendations, formulates plans and advises on policies for a wide range of strategic issues to guide the University's development and ensure achievement of its mission, goals and objectives.

Beverley Hamilton

Academic Initiatives Officer

Beverley Hamilton is the Academic Initiatives Officer in the Office of the Provost at the University of Windsor, where she undertakes collaborative research, projects, and policy development to enhance academic practice and the student experience. She is currently engaged with projects focused on community engagement, teaching evaluation, institutional leadership, student engagement, large-class pedagogies, and new faculty development.

Beverley Hamilton, Academic Initiatives Officer, University of Windsor